Vitavea is THE brand of food supplements that supports you in your natural approach to well-being and health.

Our vision :

It should be easy to take care of yourself!

Because we are committed to supporting you in your well-being and health approach, we have made safe and effective products accessible to everyone, with clear indications.

Studies have shown that our diet does not always allow us to meet all our nutritional needs. Indeed, our lifestyles can put a strain on our organisms, the balance of which can be upset on an ad hoc or more lasting basis. The current context also reminds us of the importance of a healthy body. Our food supplements* are effective allies to overcome a temporary state of weakness: fatigue, stress… but also to help relieve certain recurring disorders: sleep, digestion, water retention…

*in addition to a varied and balanced diet.


The naturalness of our formulas is a priority. This is why we have placed it at the heart of our approach. The plants and active ingredients that go into the composition of our products are rigorously selected for their complementarity and their effectiveness, and we limit the presence of additives or superfluous ingredients in our formulas. Thus, our products are formulated without titanium dioxide, without nanoparticles or chemical additives, and packaged in vegan capsules of vegetable origin.

In addition, as soon as the sourcing of raw materials allows it, we are committed to offering certified organic formulas and favoring local plants. *in accordance with organic regulations. Resolutely turned towards naturalness, sensitive to eco-responsibility and the environmental impact of our products, we are also committed to favoring eco-designed packs: recycled and recyclable PET, glass, cardboard from sustainably managed forests, vegetable-based ink, etc. recycling of our products, all the sorting instructions are present on their packaging.


At Vitavea almost all of our products are designed, formulated and designed in our laboratory. Based in Vendée since 1970, our production is at the forefront of innovation and ensures, from the receipt of materials until the marketing of our products, traceability and quality in compliance with the strictest standards. Safety is therefore absolute at each stage of production: bacteriological analyses, weighing, etc.

Our Research and Development teams, made up of engineers, pharmacists and scientists, study and develop our food supplements so that they benefit from optimal efficiency while respecting the physiological needs of the body. Our expertise and our knowledge of plants and their benefits allow us to offer you the most advantageous products for your well-being and your health.

Make well-being and health accessible to everyone, everywhere and all the time.

Where you want, when you want.

Shopping after dropping the children off at school, during lunch break, when leaving the office, or even at home, after watching your favorite series… We all have our little habits. And it is because your consumption habits are changing that Vitavea is committed to making its offer accessible, wherever and whenever you need it.

To offer you the best, at the best price.

The notion of a fair price is a conviction that has driven our company since its creation. This is why we have made the accessibility of dietary supplements our mission. We want our products to be accessible to all budgets, and that the price is never a barrier to daily access to well-being and health.

Helping you find the best for you and your family.

Our dearest wish is to be understood by as many people as possible. We therefore always work on our products in such a way as to guarantee maximum understanding and readability of our offer. The dosages and galenics are clear and simple. The structuring of our packaging allows everyone to easily identify the product that will meet their needs.

Clear promises, high-profile active ingredients for the general public, everything is done so that you can find the product(s) to take care of yourself, naturally and easily! To facilitate navigation within our offer, our products are classified according to the major needs identified and we guide you through the promises: slimming, beauty, health, detox… It's up to you!

Vitavea, well-being and health at your fingertips!