Menopause is a phenomenon that affects all women, so why not talk about it freely? We answer all your questions without taboo, to find the best solutions and find serenity in your femininity!

At what age do you enter menopause?

Every woman is different… The age of menopause too. A woman is said to be in menopause when her ovaries stop working and she has therefore not had her period for at least a year.
But while it's not an exact science, the average woman goes through menopause around age 50 . Menopause can be reached at 45 years old. Before the age of 40, we speak of premature menopause. It can be natural, or occur as a result of surgery or drug treatment.

At what age is menopause?

I am 35 years old and I have not had my period for 3 months… Already menopause?

Even if an early menopause is never to be excluded, this phenomenon can be explained in different ways. If pregnancy is not an option, the absence of periods can be due to stress, fatigue or strong emotions, which can upset your menstrual cycle and therefore temporarily stop your period. If you are on contraception, it happens that after a few years, your pill, IUD or implant completely blocks your period. Regular medication can also affect your menstrual cycle. In any case, we invite you to always consult a health professional. He will always be of good advice and will direct you towards potential examinations to be made or on the attitude to adopt vis-a-vis this phenomenon.

Foods to eat during menopause

The menopause makes me fat, what should I do?

Menopause causes many hormonal upheavals, which necessarily affect weight. When menopause occurs, it is therefore essential to adopt certain new physical and dietary habits to counter weight gain.

A few simple rules to control your weight during menopause:

  • Drink plenty of water or green tea
  • Reduce animal fat intake and favor vegetable fats
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Reduce the intake of fast sugars (sugar, confectionery, cakes, etc.) and favor slow sugars (starches, bread, nuts, etc.)
  • Practice regular physical activity


Can the symptoms of menopause be alleviated?

Some women are lucky enough not to have, or to be little affected by the symptoms of menopause… But if you are one of those who suffer from mood disorders, hot flashes, fatigue or stress, rest assured: there are solutions!

It is first important to rethink your diet. For example by limiting coffee, which promotes hot flashes. In addition to a healthy and balanced diet and regular physical activity, there are also complete, natural and hormone-free solutions to help you regain comfort and well-being on a daily basis!

Does menopause make you lose libido?

Every woman is different and reacts differently, with varying degrees of menopausal symptoms. Among these inconveniences, we find the loss of libido. The drop in estrogen that occurs during menopause causes, in some women, vaginal dryness. This lack of lubrication can make intercourse painful and lead to low libido.

Fortunately, there are food supplements suitable for effectively rehydrating the mucous membrane of the vagina and strengthening the local protective flora!


Does menopause lower libido?
Bloating, constipation: symptoms of menopause?

Swollen belly, slowed transit… is this normal during menopause?

Yes, it's totally normal ! Constipation is strongly linked to hormones and during menopause, the hormonal system is turned upside down. The solution ? Eat fiber and drink water… And be patient! These symptoms are mostly transitory, even if they are not always very easy to live with!
In case of painful or stubborn constipation, a cure of probiotics can be useful.

Another little trick to free up your transit: Raise your legs by using a small stool when you're on the toilet. Raising your knees above the level of the hips will help align your colon and therefore facilitate defecation.


Pollen effective remedy against menopause

What effective solutions against menopause?

Every woman reacts differently to the inconveniences of menopause. Some treatments suitable for some may not be suitable for others. In all cases, we advise you to consult a health professional, who can direct you towards solutions, medicinal or natural, hormonal or not, according to your expectations and your needs. Many natural solutions (pollen, omega3, etc.) have now demonstrated their effectiveness in reducing the inconveniences of menopause. Don't hesitate to try

Top 5 tips to fight hot flashes


  • Practice regular physical activity Nobody asks you to do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups a day! Only to find an activity that suits you and allows you to release the pressure. If you are not a great sportsman at heart, we recommend walking. Indeed, practicing a sport tends to favor the regulation of hormonal and nervous mechanisms.
  • Drink a glass of fresh water or dip your hands in cold water These actions may seem trivial, but are strongly recommended to regulate your body temperature and allow you to reduce the effect of body heat.
  • Limit your consumption of tobacco, coffee or alcohol Remember that the consumption of tobacco and alcohol is dangerous for your health. Despite everything, a small glass of wine from time to time is not forbidden. The key is to moderate your consumption and be reasonable. It's the same for coffee. If you are used to drinking several cups a day, it is recommended to reduce your consumption as much as possible.
  • Wear several layers of clothing: Contrary to popular belief, dressing with several layers of clothing allows you to cool down your body temperature quickly and effectively. If you have a heat stroke, removing a layer (such as your sweater) will instantly give you a feeling of freshness The choice of materials for your clothes is also important: natural materials such as linen or cotton breathe better than synthetics!
  • Be ready to act, even at night. In the same way that certain clothing materials can limit hot flashes, it is important to favor cotton sheets so as not to have the feeling of suffocation when you are in bed. We also advise you to have near you a towel moistened with very cold water, so that you can apply it to your face at any time.