An essential for the health of your hair: vitamin B6. It acts in depth to have beautiful hair.

Boost your hair's keratin

B6 boosts keratin and stimulates the regrowth of your hair. This will also densify the scalp and therefore make it more resistant to external aggressions. And a healthy scalp will allow good hair growth. It is essential if you want to have long hair without breaking it.

A solution for fragile nails

Vitamin B6 is also effective in strengthening your brittle nails. You will see your nails grow faster and they will be stronger, more beautiful. To you the beautiful manicures!

Vitamin B6 in food

Fill up on vitamin B6 through food: sprinkle your salads with brewer's yeast in the form of flakes, favor fish such as cooked tuna or salmon, enjoy beef or lamb liver... here are many possibilities to get it! (source: EFSA, Ciqual)