To be in cahoots with your hair again? It's possible !

How to stop hair loss?

I have regular hair loss, how do I stop it?

There can be several causes for hair loss: a lack of iron, postpartum hair loss, a change of season, hormone treatment, etc.

A few simple daily actions can reduce hair loss:


  • Regularly massage your scalp to activate microcirculation
  • Opt for a healthy and balanced diet, combined with food supplements rich in:


- Bilberry to activate the circulation of the scalp.

- Arugula to contribute to the stimulation of the hair bulb and their growth.

- Copper to contribute to normal hair pigmentation.

- Zinc and vitamin B8 to help maintain normal hair


  • Limit repetitive staining
  • Quit Smoking ·
  • Limit stress, which promotes hair loss. To act on your stress management, your fatigue and your emotional balance, do not hesitate to start a natural basic treatment, with active ingredients such as Humerol, Vitamin B1 or Tryptophan.
  • To reduce hair loss more deeply, you can opt for a course of food supplements combined with hair care (such as an anti-hair loss lotion). Do not hesitate to seek the advice of your dermatologist or your pharmacist.


What solutions to repair my damaged hair?

First stop repeated brushings, curling irons, straighteners, in short anything that can tend to weaken your hair.

Then, it is essential to take care of them by applying masks regularly (once a week) which will allow them to be deeply rehydrated.

Among the active ingredients that strengthen the structure of the hair fiber: keratin.

Another solution: a new cut at the hairdresser, which will also allow you to (finally) say goodbye to your split ends!

What solutions to repair damaged hair?

I would like to test the sebum cure, what should I do?

The sebum cure is THE trend cure that had the wind in its sails during confinement. It consists of not washing your hair for a minimum of 1 month. The ambition of this cure: to restore shine to your hair! Once that's said, how does it actually work?

First you have to do a first (and last) shampoo to rid your hair of impurities and then everything is played on the brushing of your hair which must allow, every day, to eliminate dust and other impurities. Obviously the oily hair look is not always very glamorous, so favor tied hair and invest in a nice hat

To know : The sebum cure is often not recommended for people who may suffer from psoriasis. It is therefore important to seek the advice of your doctor.

How to accelerate hair growth?

How to accelerate hair growth?

First, regularly exfoliate your scalp, this will naturally boost the hair! You can also opt for food supplements composed of active ingredients such as Vitamin B8, Zinc, Copper, Collagen, Blueberry and Arugula brewer's yeast, active ingredients will stimulate the hair bulb, promote their growth, reduce hair loss and maintain normal hair pigmentation!

Little tip for those in a hurry: there are hair extensions to choose with care because some can damage the hair!

I have very flat hair, how can I give it more volume?


  • First by choosing the right cut. For example, if you have ultra-fine hair, avoid hair that is too long and prefer a short or mid-length cut (a long square or a plunging square).
  • Dry your hair upside down: guaranteed volume!
  • You can also spray dry shampoo on your roots. It has a slightly texturizing action which gives a little volume to the roots.
  • Opt for a shampoo and volumizing treatments to restore them.
  • Some food supplements can also improve the density of your hair and therefore their volume!
  • Another little trick: Lighten your hair with a few strands, this will create an optical effect that will give it a little more substance.


Can you wash your hair every day?

Can I wash my hair every day?

It is not recommended to wash your hair every day because it risks eliminating sebum, your hair's natural protector. It is rather advisable to space the shampoos every three days.

If you really want to wash your hair every day, then sometimes opt for a dry shampoo, which is less aggressive for your hair!

I have been told to change shampoo often, why?

The scalp is sensitive and changes a lot depending on the seasons, stress... It is therefore essential to choose a shampoo adapted to your hair! For example, if you have an irritated scalp, choose a gentle soothing shampoo, and in summer, don't hesitate to choose a specific after-sun shampoo!

Should I change shampoo regularly?

Top 10 tips for beautiful and healthy hair



  • Take care of them . Basically we pamper them by giving them conditioners and treatments. Plan to do a mask once a week. Ultra restorative for your hair and a great morale booster for you!
  • Eat a healthy diet by choosing foods your hair loves! On the menu: foods rich in iron, zinc, omega-3 and protein (red meat, white meat, fish, oysters, etc.) Also bet on food supplements whose mission is to restore strength, vitality and volume to your skin. hair !
  • Put the kibosh on brushing! It tends to attack your hair. So we let our hair dry most often in the open air! And then we use curling or straightening irons sparingly!
  • Protect them! Especially in summer by putting protective and moisturizing oils on the hair to protect them from the sun and salt water which tend to cause a lot of damage to them!
  • Go to the hairdresser . Regularly cut hair is healthy hair. Little tip: go get your tips cut every 2 or 3 months!
  • Massage your scalp as often as possible! For what ? Because it activates blood circulation and thus boosts growth! We also advise you to finish rinsing your hair with a jet of cold water to tighten the hair scales!
  • Choose a silk pillowcase , much less aggressive than cotton for the hair. Little trick that applies to both hair and skin!
  • Opt for a quality brush! Our recommendation: the boar bristle brush. Ideal for preventing hair breakage.
  • Oil your hair. The winning duo: argan oil, which strengthens the hair, and castor oil, which stimulates regrowth. Guaranteed effect!
  • Take a course of food supplements at certain key periods to strengthen your hair and restore vitality! Do not hesitate to seek advice from your dermatologist or pharmacist to choose the food supplement adapted to your problem.