A study by Inserm (Institute of Health and Medical Research) reveals that in France, seven out of ten women and one out of two men would like to lose weight. If the desire is there, the difficulty of putting this in place is great. Diet ? And what diet? A sport but what sport? Food supplements ? We answer you!

What diet to lose weight fast

What diet to do to lose weight fast?

To lose weight quickly, it is important not to fall into drastic diets based on cabbage soup at every meal or fasting.
First you can obviously start with a simple thing: reduce the quantities! Then, you can remove from your diet everything that makes you fat: sugary drinks, alcohol, sugar and proceed gradually to a food rebalancing.

If you are having difficulty operating this dietary rebalancing yourself, you can absolutely turn to 100% natural aids:

  • Satisfying food supplements for big eaters
  • Fat sensors if you are used to consuming high calorie meals
  • Draining food supplements to fight against water retention

    For those who want to go on a (very) serious diet, we advise you to make an appointment with a nutritionist who will be able to give you the best advice according to your needs and desires!


Skipping meals to lose weight faster, true or false?

The big trend is intermittent fasting. However, it is advisable not to skip any meals. As we know, the adage that recommends breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar is not always followed. For lack of time or laziness, we skip breakfast and go to work with rumbling stomachs. This is the pitfall to avoid!

Skip meals to lose weight

What foods to avoid to lose weight faster?

It is obvious that certain foods make you gain more weight than others and therefore eliminating them will make you lose weight faster! Thus, to lose weight, we avoid:

  • Refined sugars (biscuits, spreads, pastries, cakes, industrial cereals)
  • Fatty and fried products
  • Fatty meats and charcuterie
  • Cheese, butter, whole cream,
  • Refined cereals and white bread,
  • Industrial dishes and processed preparations
  • Sodas and sweet syrups!


We prefer low-calorie and satiating proteins, such as lean meats and fish. These foods that fill you up are still acidifying and should therefore be eaten with vegetables. In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, you can turn to fat-burning food supplements to help you eliminate more easily!

  • Green tea helps eliminate fat by promoting its combustion
  • Chitosan helps control weight by limiting the amount of fat absorbed
  • Garcinia helps limit fat storage
  • Grape marc helps to tone the vessels and activate micro-circulation to fight against orange peel


what sport to lose weight

What sport to do to lose weight?

The main thing is to move! We must practice a sport that we like and that suits us.

  • Walking for the most reluctant!
  • For the bravest, you will have to do sports with cardio (running, boxing, etc.)
  • For people who are significantly overweight, it is important to go gradually and start with non-weight-bearing physical activities, such as cycling, swimming, rowing, to spare the joints.


I've tried all the diets and nothing to do… I'm not losing my extra pounds! A quick fix?

We must not be mistaken about the weight we dream of and the weight that is ours (fit weight). Not everyone can weigh the same and genetics will cause some to always be thinner than others. The main thing is to know your healthy weight, to be followed by a specialist.
Note that menopause causes many hormonal upheavals, which necessarily affect weight. When menopause occurs, it is therefore essential to adopt certain new physical and dietary habits to counter weight gain and metabolic slowdown:

  • Drink plenty of water or green tea
  • Reduce animal fat intake and favor vegetable fats
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Reduce the intake of fast sugars (sugar, confectionery, cakes, etc.) and favor slow sugars (starches, bread, nuts, etc.)
  • Practice regular physical activity


What mistakes should I not make if I want to lose weight?

Food rebalancing must be done over the long term. Thus, do not skip meals, do not stop eating for a month because you damage your body and you will regain weight very quickly! You should also avoid eating little during meals and snacking all day. Also avoid eating too quickly.

what mistakes not to make to lose weight
I can't get rid of my cellulite

I can't get rid of my cellulite… Any advice?

Cellulite or orange peel skin is often typically feminine. A heredity that we could do without... To reduce cellulite, you have to eat less fat and less sugar! It is therefore necessary to have a diet rich in vegetables and proteins and to have regular physical activity. Without forgetting the lymphatic drainages which allow you to refine your silhouette!

To speed up the process, you can also choose boosting food supplements :

  • Drainers-burners rich in active ingredients such as green tea, garcinia or grape marc
  • Solutions to activate the micro-circulation rich in active ingredients such as bioflavonoids from extracts of grape seeds, lemon and blackcurrant, red vine, cherry stem or selenium