It is not uncommon that in different situations, we feel our legs heavy and numb, that we have trouble putting on our usual shoes, that we feel launches in the legs almost unbearable. Where do these inconveniences come from? Is that bad ? Can we heal? A few answers!

What remedies for heavy legs?

Very uncomfortable, the phenomenon of heavy legs is quite disabling. But don't panic, there are natural solutions.
Remember to wear loose clothing, especially in hot weather, drink a lot, put on compression stockings or socks, elevate your legs as soon as possible, do not cross your legs, put very cold water jets on yourself to facilitate circulation, massage, and take foot baths!
In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, you can also opt for food supplements that promote circulation, with active ingredients such as red vine , horse chestnut or even bioflavonoids !

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When should I be concerned about pain and see a doctor?

First try to find out the cause: a new drug? Weight gain? Pregnancy ? A sedentary lifestyle? Then never hesitate to consult a doctor to rule out any serious cause. If the pain comes from the arteries: the leg is cold, devascularized, its color is white or livid… and most often both legs are affected to varying degrees. If the pain comes from the veins: the leg is warm, normal in color, blue or red, sometimes hard, and its volume is normal or increased. These symptoms are worrying and should encourage you to consult a doctor quickly!

Bursting blood vessels. How to stop it

My blood vessels burst all the time, how do I stop this?

It is often a question of heredity but it is however recommended to move, to play sports, to drink a lot. If any vessels burst, see a phlebologist to rule out serious issues. To "erase" them, in first intention the phlebologist can try microsclerosis (injection of a product). Then, if that does not work, the laser will be a good solution.

What are the symptoms of water retention?

  • A feeling of swelling in the affected part
  • Appearance of an edema, painless but annoying on a daily basis.
  • Muscle or joint pain, with a feeling of stiffness in the joints
  • The appearance of the skin may be changed and it may become stretched and shiny. It can also become discolored due to poor blood circulation.
  • Itches.

...and the solutions?

  • Drainers to fight against water retention, such as green tea
  • Venotonics to reduce pain and edema by limiting the dilation of the vein and the inflammatory phenomenon. Active ingredients recognized and acclaimed for their effectiveness such as red vine, cherry tail, horse chestnut...
  • Lose weight : one of the causes of varicose veins is indeed being overweight. Ideally, you should lose weight, not smoke, limit your alcohol consumption as much as possible, play sports and drink water!

At what age do varicose veins appear?

Is it normal to have varicose veins when young?

It's not "normal" but it's not abnormal! There is heredity but also other actors who can explain this. After puberty, in young girls, small varicose veins can appear. Obviously, it is already often young girls who take baths that are too hot, who are on their feet all day, possibly overweight...
Most often it is around 20 to 24 years old that varicose veins can appear. Taking oral contraception will promote the occurrence of varicose veins, especially estrogen-progestogens (because of estrogen), then later during pregnancy.

7 tips against heavy legs

  • Drink a lot. Water, herbal tea… We drink, we drink, and often, at least 1.5 liters of water a day!
  • Move , do not sit on a chair all day, it is essential to force yourself to move! For example, if you take the metro, do not hesitate to get off one station before in order to walk a little more...
  • Do not take baths that are too hot and favor cold showers . They are really good for the circulation and icing on the cake: it firms the skin!
  • Favor potassium-rich foods such as bananas, radishes, or avocado...
  • Sleep with raised legs ! Put a wedge of 5-7 cm under the feet of your bed (not under the mattress)
  • Massage yourself going up the leg! And as often as possible to improve circulation!
  • Pay attention to your weight ! It is not a question of being on a diet all the time, but of having a varied and balanced diet.